A trip in the jungle with my dear friend Holga

by , July 11th, 2006  |  Published in Archives, Reportage


All june I was away from… everywhere, lost in the middle of nowhere, a nowhere that looked a lot like the jungle. As it was more or less a photographic trip I chose carefully my cameras. And then everybody yells: “why Holga then!?!?”
First of all I do whatever I want, it is my trip. Second, Holga is my sweetest friend. Third, even with ants crawling inside, Holga still takes pictures, I mean, no worse than usual… No kidding, when you know that even the famous bic ball-pens stop working after less than a week in the jungle, you don’t want to bring along a camera with more than one button (which I did, I am not as stupid as I enjoy to think I am). There is but one setting you can “adjust” on Holga: whether you decide to take the picture or not. That you can chose, the rest is hers to rule!!

So here it is: a “preliminary” exhibition about the jungle boo… trip. Twelve pictures that I think will give an idea about the mood, the atmosphere. Twelve pictures that won’t show big hairy spiders, huge praying mantises, elusive flying space monkeys… Monkeys? Monkeys!!!!!!

I unfortunately didn’t see any monkeys…

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