Photo Analogies Magazine, Issue #5

Building on the success of our previous issues we are back with a new one: Photo Analogies #5!

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Fort du succès des numéros précédents nous voilà de retour avec Photo Analogies #5 !

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Large features

The never-ending Balkan war
– Thomas Haley
– Milomir Kovačevič
– Milos Cvetkovic

– Le syndrome de Robinson – Anthony Morel
– PAN – Patrice Dion
– Back to the streets – Justine Montmarché & Sébastien Bergeron


L’interminable conflit Balkan
Thomas Haley
Milomir Kovačevič
Milos Cvetkovic

Bricolage !
Anthony Morel – Le syndrome de Robinson
Patrice Dion – PAN
Justine Montmarché & Sébastien Bergeron – Back to the streets

Photoreportage and portfolio

Pascal Maitre – Kodachrome…
Isabelle Eshraghi – Mon irannité
Maya Paules – Photographie Poétique et Politique de Combat

Photoreportage et portfolio

Kodachrome… – Pascal Maitre
My iranianness – Isabelle Eshraghi
Combat Political Poetic Photography – Maya Paules


Sean Lotman – On narration in Photography


On narration in Photography – Sean Lotman

Work in Progress BOP

Barthélémy Longueville & Arnad Thurel – Ubiquitous life

BOP Work in Progress

Ubiquitous life – Barthélémy Longueville & Arnad Thurel

Explained photography

Chris Huby

Photo expliquée

Chris Huby

Guest One Shots

Anna Block
Moland Fengkov
Clemens Schwaighofer
Peter Dixie
Mona Bonetto
Éric Antoine

About Photo Analogies

Photo Analogies is a magazine dedicated to analog photography. This a yearly publication featuring photographic essays, stories and series of selected photographers, either members of the bop collective or guests. We also encourage artistic collaborations with writers.

First issue was released early 2013, the fourth and latest in June 2019. [ Read more ]