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  • Alienation - Isolation by hern42
  • Barrenness - Isolation by hern42
  • Desolation - Isolation by hern42
  • Disaffection - Isolation by hern42
  • Disconnection - Isolation by hern42
  • Estrangement - Isolation by hern42
  • Forsakenness - Isolation by hern42
  • Loneliness - Isolation by hern42
  • Lonsesomeness - Isolation by hern42
  • Solitude - Isolation by hern42
  • Unrelatedness - Isolation by hern42
  • Withdrawal - Isolation by hern42

One may chase something through solitude or through loneliness. Solitude is not synonymous of loneliness. There is no message behind these pictures. There is just nature, atmosphere, loneliness. And maybe there is serenity…

In fear every day, every evening,
He calls her aloud from above,
Carefully watched for a reason,
Painstaking devotion and love,
Surrendered to selfpreservation,
From others who care for themselves.
A blindness that touches perfection,
But hurts just like anything else.

Isolation, isolation, isolation.

Mother I tried please believe me,
I’m doing the best that I can.
I’m ashamed of the things I’ve been put through,
I’m ashamed of the person I am.

Isolation, isolation, isolation.

But ifyou could just see the beauty,
These things I could never describe,
These pleasures a wayward distraction,
This is my one lucky prize.

Isolation, isolation, isolation, isolation, isolation.

— [from JoyDivision – Closer (1980)]

Taken in 2009-2010 with a Hasselblad 500CM, 80mm 2.8 and an extension tube, various film / slide types in various countries over Europe.

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