“New” exhibition by Hern42 – Isolation

by , January 13th, 2012  |  Published in BOP Photography Collective - News
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Hern’s new exhibition is probably the most introvert one we have had to see from him so far. The introduction he is giving us looks like a complete lie: how can we imagine that these photos are only nature as he is telling us… Going back and forth from the images to their titles, we are trying to see the “link”. The “link” between them all. The “link” between images and the global meaning. At some point, nature disappears and what we see are whole “scenes.” Scenes of blur, of clearness, of incredibly large little things. But in the end a feeling is emerging from the overall exhibition and this feeling is… serenity… Well, maybe he is not a liar after all… Maybe…

Withdrawal - Isolation by hern42

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