New real world exhibition: “Extreme Planting – les Hommes qui plantaient des arbres en Colombie-Britannique” by Hern42

by , October 2nd, 2012  |  Published in BOP Photography Collective - News
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Hern42’s new “on-the-walls” exhibition is part of a larger project, focused on trees, forests, and the world around them. It will be opening at the Alliance Française in Vancouver, BC. John Innes, Dean of UBC Forestry will be speaking at the opening reception. There, you will find around 20 black & white photos, all of them hand prepared by Hern himself, showing the work of some tree-planters, working in extreme conditions on the Canadian west coast. Hern followed them in their daily work during weeks and what he brings to us is a masterpiece of photowork: weird angles, strange postures, impossible equilibrium, etc. The instants taken here from the inside are nevertheless fraught of movement, and this journey is turning our mind inside out. Is all this work really done just for trees?! Of course it is and we are quite fortunate it is…
The flyer can be seen on flickr here.


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