Photo Analogies is now available in Brussels

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Photo Analogies is now available in Brussels at Studio Baxton.

We highly recommend this place (not only because they have our magazine!)

They are specialized in Wet Plate photography, “a 19th Century technique that creates unique images on a glass or aluminium support, using original cameras and lenses”.
They have an amazing shop with a great collection of Vintage cameras, Polaroids & Lomography. Analogue films of the best brands and in all formats (110, 135, 120, sheets & more)
Films & products from THE IMPOSSIBLE PROJECTS
Material for darkroom & analogue photography as papers, chemistry..

29, Place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés, 1000 Brussels
Open from Tuesday to Sunday – 13:30 – 18:30


How to buy Photo Analogies ?

Buy online in our [e-shop]

or use one of the alternative method bellow :

by email :

by mail (old school):
Write to BOP, 37 lot. champ du Bourg, 38570 Goncelin, FRANCE with you check and address for delivery

Bookstores / Librairies (France + Belgium)
– Librairie Le Square, 2 Place du Docteur Léon Martin, 38000 Grenoble – (Website)
– Librairie Decitre Grenoble, 9-11 Grande Rue, 38000 Grenoble –  (Website)
– Librairie du Grésivaudan, Centre Hermès, Rue des Sources, 38920 Crolles – (Website)
– Librairie O’merveilles, 5 Rue Bayard, Grenoble – 04 76 24 77 82 (Website)
– Studio Baxton, 29 Place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés, Bruxelles – +32 2 513 22 24 (Website)

Bookstores / Librairies (Canada)
– Beau Photography, 1520 W 6th Avenue, Vancouver BC (Website)
– The Lab Vancouveri, 295 E 2nd Avenue, Vancouver BC (Website)

Distribution points (France / China)
– We have other distribution points in Paris / Shanghai / Beijing, contact us for details


Photo Analogies #1 & #2 front covers


  1. Association BOP - Bricolages Ondulatoires et Particulaires A second bookstore selling Photo Analogies in Brussels :: says:

    March 6th, 2015at 08:37(#)

    […] Pour référence, notre premier point de vente Belge étant l’excellent Studio Baxton voir (la news précédente). […]

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