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Photography as therapy. A means to isolate fragments of space and time, to re-frame reality. Geometry and complexity, whether it is being reduced or compounded, are major themes of most of my photography. The frame and shutter as tools to manipulate reality. There is rarely a story or meaning. Nothing beyond the aesthetic is to be found in drainage ditches, concrete walls...





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Reflections on Tokyo Subways

In: Exhibitions · Experiments

The Tokyo Subway is immense. Ignoring all the train lines, suburban links, etc. it is over 300km. Everything about it is dizzying, the scale, complexity, signage. You can travel for hours (without purpose…) and never get bored. It’s easy to focus on the overwhelming crush of humanity that makes use of this system, but the system itself is equally worthy of attention. Despite Tokyo’s image as a “future metropolis” much of the system is showing it’s age. Where the old and new meet it can be jarring: changing from an old to a new line can mean going from aging yellow tile, to sleek white panelling.

About Bop

BOP name originated in French, it could be translated as: “wave and particle craft”.
BOP is an association whose goal is to promote film photography. It offers each member virtual space for their online portfolio and also aims at organizing collective paper exhibitions and publishing booklets. All BOP members are passionate photographers who aim at achieving high standards for each picture together with artistic coherency in their exhibitions.

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