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Taking pictures, that's traveling around the world, carrying a notebook and a bunch of film rolls. That's the feeling of the old metal skin of my cameras. That's waiting for a picture to be revealed in the darkroom, remembering the sound of the shutter and bringing back all the universe when the picture was taken, faces, clouds, pieces of sky, unknown objects... I shot my first 10 rolls of film in China, last century. Probably there is the root of my path with photography. I cannot say this is the origin of all my inspiration but for sure these first films had a huge foot print. Since that time, I like walking anywhere with a camera, opening my eyes, driven by the environment. Sometimes it is even simply for the pleasure to discover, taking picture is an attempt to preserve a specific stream of feelings. That special instant when the shutter is released and the image start its life in my memory is often more important than the result itself. The photographs I like are carrying an atmosphere, a whole small world. I am proud to be part of BOP. Not only because our fellow members share a passion for analog cameras but because we like to spend the necessary time for things to be done and seen. We are not really working in the instant, we simply like to take our time and slowly prepare our exhibitions, from the first idea, the shooting, the processing, to the selection and exchanges with the other members.





Exhibitions by Barthélémy Longueville (5 current & 2 archive)

Bracelets de laine

In: Exhibitions · Reportage

The shaman starts the ceremony by some prayers, these have a soft and mysterious tone. The main room of the house is filled with his deep and low voice for twenty minutes. When silence is back, he unrolls a thin cotton rope and deploy it from his hands to the hands of the soon to be married couple and their two witnesses. Once the five of them are linked, an additional thin rope is installed between the two heads of the couple; the ceremony can begin.

Bracelets de laine #9

Discount Fuel

In: Exhibitions · Land Portraits

Discount Fuel project. Two thousands miles of ride in the south, one camera and the idea to gather visual prints of what can actually be seen in the USA. Four days to wipe out thirty years of exposure to American culture, four days to rework, reshape my vision of USA.

three hours and thirty five minutes [ Night Shanghai – 夜上海 ]

In: Exhibitions · Experiments

A journey in the night of Shanghai Out from Huahai road metro station in Shanghai center, I walked toward south-east. It was 7:30pm and I had already entered the old Shanghai maze, Nanshi district.   At this time of the day, a special life is raising, it’s a transition between the end of the sunlight […]

夜22:35 - night bund


In: Exhibitions · Humanistic Views

I’ve been travelling in China more or less for ten years now and to celebrate this anniversary, nothing could be better than a new BOP exhibition.

My two previous exhibitions in BOP deal with two different topics but they express my feelings as a foreigner in this country.

They reflect my surprises, my view, and my thoughts. To end this first decade of Chinese experience, I wanted to give another insight on this country. Would it be possible to show China as the Chinese actually see their country? As a foreigner, when I take portraits or landscape views, most of the time, the framing, timing, focus, and subject are mine; they are the result of my own agenda.

Archive : Shanghai in Winter

In: Archives · Land Portraits

Shanghai in winter is a very different city. Everything changes, the market stands are covered by smoked fishes, when it’s not raining, clothes are drying, hanged on the trees of the former french district. Foreigner tourists are far away…

Archived exhibition

Archive : A la verticale de l’ouest

In: Archives · Reportage

  2004, China meets again the west in the business lounges of Shanghai or Paris. My last film rolls are covered by pictures of contrasts with a taste of modern ying-yang, mobile phones used by cyclos, modern building floating on a sea of old style food stands. By this exhibition, i want to tell the […]

Archived exhibition

About Bop

BOP name originated in French, it could be translated as: “wave and particle craft”.
BOP is an association whose goal is to promote film photography. It offers each member virtual space for their online portfolio and also aims at organizing collective paper exhibitions and publishing booklets. All BOP members are passionate photographers who aim at achieving high standards for each picture together with artistic coherency in their exhibitions.

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