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How I got into photography is easily answered - I cannot get myself to get rid of things in general. There's also no way to avoid getting your own camera when you work with images by default. After numerous attempts at wet printing with rather questionable results in my former university's darkroom, I got into photography full time when I took up a position as a photo editor with a national newspaper in the late 1990s. Looking at thousands of images shot by other people every day literally pushed me towards buying my first rangefinder. I guess for me it was then, as much as it is now, all about recording my surroundings and using film as an aid to personal memory. One of the beautiful things of photography is digging out a negative several years after it was taken and to find yourself wondering why you considered it to be a bad shot at the time. What was once regarded as failure suddenly becomes interesting upon second glance. I guess, that's where the inability to part with things comes in very handy.



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Black, no sugar.

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… This set which is not really a set provides, by an large, a glimpse of what my humble self has been stacking up over the years. Not wanting to have to put photography on hold due to a temporary lack of funds, I began to soup my films in instant coffee a while ago and have been addicted to Caffenol ever since…

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BOP name originated in French, it could be translated as: “wave and particle craft”.
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