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However paradoxical it can appear, it is in Africa that Chris has made a good part of his photography culture. And when we speak about this, it is about places where photography seems in theory less accessible than somewhere else, as Burkina-Faso or still Madagascar, two countries in which he spend 15 years of his existence. Very fast, he's taking advantage of the foreigner countries to practice. Naturally, the journey becomes a passion. Very young, he uses his first savings to leave to the other end of the planet. Later, he becomes a photographer and lives on it during some time.





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Faces of Eastern India

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If we (“we” being: Chris aka Yub and Hern42 aka Arnaud) are able to present this exhibition about India it is because of some sort of an accident. Our original plan was to visit and shoot in Bangladesh via contacts in an NGO working on site, therefore getting to interesting and remote areas. It was […]

India - Kolkata

The man in front of his environment – 2010

In: Exhibitions · Humanistic Views

It has been 15 years or so that I walked, with my camera, throughout the world.

I like that.

And yet it started rather badly, at a time of a great love crisis, following a painful separation which led me back to the demons of major loneliness, things which I was not unaware of when I was child… Well, back then, I needed to walk through it, you can trust me.

Landmines Platoon in Cambodia – 2006

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In august 2006, we went to Tbeng Meanchey, far north in Cambodia, to take notes about landmines for a future project of movie. Indeed, this country is, with Angola and Afghanistan, one of the most dangerous place for landmines. There, we were alone with the “platoon”, just checking locals doing their dangerous jobs since years. I took pictures, a lot, about this sad but useful work. And I learned that there is only 3000 people, in all the country, doing this. That means, the territory of Cambodia needs more than 20 years, just to be clean again.

Madagascar – Mananjary’s CockFight – 2009

In: Exhibitions · Reportage

A brand new expo from Madagascar, East Coast area, in the small-old-town of Mananjary. Like every sunday, you can see some legal cock fightings near the sea… I was very curious about this, and besides not very welcome.

Tanakha Portraits from Burma – 2008

In: Exhibitions · Humanistic Views

A bunch of Tanakha-Portraits from my last trip to Asia, during november 2008. The TANAKHA is, at the same time, a cosmetic and a beauty cream for women and children faces. You can find this special custom in BURMA (MYANMAR) making the women more beautiful than anywhere else in this area. I was very happy […]

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