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“Ajar” – exposition invitée // guest exhibition – Mikaël André

Mickaël André nous propose un extrait de son travail “Ajar” en exposition invitée… // Mickaël André’s Ajar is presented as a guest exhibition.

Me and my truck – exposition de notre nouveau membre : Kenia Sadoun / exhibition by our new photographer

We are proud to announce the first exhibition of Kenia Sadoun, our new photographer. “Me and my truck” is a series of intimate photographs in the life of a young female truck driver. // Nous sommes fiers d’annoncer la premiere exposition de Kenia Sadoun, notre nouveau membre BOP. “Me and my truck” est une série intime de photographie couleurs dans le quotidien d’une jeune conductrice de poids lourds.

Nouvelle exposition en ligne // New online exhibition – “La Modification”

La Modification - Flyer

« La Modification » est une exposition commune, Arnaud De Grave est parti en road-trip en Espagne et au Portugal tandis qu’Arnaud Thurel restait chez lui dans le Grésivaudan. Une correspondance sous forme de triptyques au demi-format s’en est suivie…

Photo Analogies #3 disponible a Brest – librairie dialogues

Photo Analogies #3 a Brest

Photo Analogies #3 est enfin disponible à Brest ! C’est l’excellente librairie dialogues qui distribue donc localement (et par internet) le troisième numéro de notre revue.
Rue de Siam – Brest , Tel : 02 98 44 88 68

“Alaotra, une vision partagée”, Arnaud De Grave exhibition at Magascar

Arnaud De Grave’s new exhibition is at the Institut Français de Madagascar. “Alaotra, une vision partagée” is produced with Rafalimanana Arifidy. Prints were produced, as always, by the excellent Le Pictorium – Atelier de tirage d’art de Christian Sauvan-Magnet

BOP partenaire du festival Aperçu à Lyon

L’association Opic lance officiellement son festival de photographie à Lyon, le Festival Aperçu!

BOP est l’un des partenaires et nos photographes y exposeront.

du 3 au 30 Juin 2017

Sunlanders – book by Sean Lotman

Sean Lotman has published his new book, Sunlanders, which is available for pre-order with free shipping from Bemojake Bookstore. At BOP we love Sean’s work, his photographs will bring you in a distorted reality, with fascinating colors. They are memories from a parallel journey. Each photograph is hand printed in the darkroom and guys at Bemojake have reproduce with dedication the quality of Sean’s work.

About Bop

BOP name originated in French, it could be translated as: “wave and particle craft”.
BOP is an association whose goal is to promote film photography. It offers each member virtual space for their online portfolio and also aims at organizing collective paper exhibitions and publishing booklets. All BOP members are passionate photographers who aim at achieving high standards for each picture together with artistic coherency in their exhibitions.

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