three hours and thirty five minutes [ Night Shanghai – 夜上海 ]

A journey in the night of Shanghai

Out from Huahai road metro station in Shanghai center, I walked toward south-east. It was 7:30pm and I had already entered the old Shanghai maze, Nanshi district.


At this time of the day, a special life is raising, it’s a transition between the end of the sunlight and the deep night, the restaurants serve their last customers, people are doing their last shopping, face are tired after a long day. On the other hand, night shops start their business and hair salon never stop.

With the night, I disappeared in the shadows, jumping in the light time to time, chatting with shop owners, cookers, people looking for cool air in the streets.

This three hours and thirty five minutes journey in the heart of Shanghai was just like if I was carried by a stream of lives, jumping from one discovery to another, having the feeling of being a part of this city

At 10:35pm, my eyes were facing Shanghai Bund, on the other side of the river, contemplating shadows of boats under the dying lights of Shanghai.