Extreme Planting Interview With Arnaud De Grave in HESO Magazine

The prestigious HESO magazine has just interviewed our Hern42 (also known as Arnaud De Grave in other places). Indeed, Arnaud has just spent several months with the planters in British Columbia and photographed their dailylife, their experience and their difficulties. An exhibition followed at the Alliance Française of Vancouver where the public could discover the beautiful black&white argentic work. The questions and the answers of this interview explain in detail the initiative of this project and develop the talented point of view of the photographer. You have to read it in a warm place. Link : http://hesomagazine.com/photographic/interview-with-arnaud-de-grave/ Le prestigieux HESO…

The man in front of his environment – 2010

It has been 15 years or so that I walked, with my camera, throughout the world.

I like that.

And yet it started rather badly, at a time of a great love crisis, following a painful separation which led me back to the demons of major loneliness, things which I was not unaware of when I was child… Well, back then, I needed to walk through it, you can trust me.