LabiChampi in Karosta, Latvia

Imagine a bunch of artist-architects… Now imagine an old Russian navy base, turned into some sort of ghetto in Latvia… Now continue imagining these people taking care of modifying some destroyed buildings into an art centre… And to top that all, imagine an orthodox cathedral beaming in the evening light. I have to admit I got pretty excited by the surrounding there!!! For more informations about the project please visit the EXYZT website if you dare. They are an artistico-architectico collective, or something like that… And they are insane. That’s all I’m saying, and I certainly *do* respect that!!!

A trip in the jungle with my dear friend Holga

All june I was away from… everywhere, lost in the middle of nowhere, a nowhere that looked a lot like the jungle. As it was more or less a photographic trip I chose carefully my cameras. And then everybody yells: “why Holga then!?!?” First of all I do whatever I want, it is my trip. Second, Holga is my sweetest friend. Third, even with ants crawling inside, Holga still takes pictures, I mean, no worse than usual… No kidding, when you know that even the famous bic ball-pens stop working after less than a week in the jungle, you don’t…