Black, no sugar – Thomas Lehne

Thomas Lehne is the new BOP guest. He is a very talented photographer from Hamburg, Germany with whom we have a kinship based on the love of strange ways of handling film, in this case developing it with a mixture of coffee and other, er, stuff.

We will collaborate more on the second issue of our magazine BOP Photo Analogies, particularly on caffenol recipies…

Directly from Thomas: “People at BOP have kindly asked me to render a written account of my set of images that may, admittedly so, be somewhat difficult to be identified as a set at all in the eyes of the prospective beholder. So how do you describe work that suffers from an apparent lack of coherence and makes you look like you’re one of those guys who get their kicks from pointing a lens at all things not headed for the trees up on the count of three? You simply don’t bother with descriptions. It’s as simple as this. Instead, you carry on doing what you’ve always done – pile up shots from places you’ve been, of people you’ve met and of things that capture your attention while out on the prowl. Yep. That’s basically my work. This set which is not really a set provides, by an large, a glimpse of what my humble self has been stacking up over the years. Not wanting to have to put photography on hold due to a temporary lack of funds, I began to soup my films in instant coffee a while ago and have been addicted to Caffenol ever since. I’d simply like these images to be considered a diminutive display of what coffee developer is capable off (for anyone to marvel at).”