In an instant

Little self

A great many expectations ; And nine months are not too many to get prepared. Not because of DIY sites’ lack of pedagogy about bedroom wall painting or because you have trouble following the assembly instructions of the IKEA bed… but you’d wish many questions answered, you seek to figure out the whole idea of that behindthebump-alienbaby-happynotatallanxiousparentstobe THING. So the mind wanders whenever it can and wants, no matter what you had decided for it, like between the reading of a front and back covers, in an instant.

Le moulin de Tencin – Old mill of Tencin

Do never forget that: if you open your eyes you will see some suprising things… Here just a few minute from my home in France, an industrial valley in the Alpes, their is an old mill where people still make oil such as our grand parents did or even before. The gestures are the same, skills from long ago, still alive. Remember Salgado’s work when you look at these pictures. ===================================================== For French speakers: Qu’on ne s’y trompe pas, cet endroit n’est pas un musée, on n’y vient pas pour voir comment on faisait l’huile de noix autrefois. On y…