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Shanghai in Winter

Archived exhibition

Shanghai in winter is a very different city. Everything changes, the market stands are covered by smoked fishes, when it’s not raining, clothes are drying, hanged on the trees of the former french district. Foreigner tourists are far away…

Music is good for your health!!

Archived exhibition

I listen to an awful lot of music, and many people might argue to a lot of noise as well. They overlap anyway… I love to go to show and of course shoot a few pictures… Then the more I do it the more I like small venues, obscure smoky clubs. More than big halls […]

May 18th, 2005
in Archives · Reportage

Romania 2004

Archived exhibition

  A week-end spent in Bucaristi is not long enough to try and understand the history and mood of Romania… It is enough though to get to see weird architecture, eat good strange food (like, bear, did you ever eat bear?) and drink many many good local beers! And then, sometimes around a corner, you […]

May 5th, 2005
in Archives · Land Portraits

About Bop

BOP name originated in French, it could be translated as: “wave and particle craft”.
BOP is an association whose goal is to promote film photography. It offers each member virtual space for their online portfolio and also aims at organizing collective paper exhibitions and publishing booklets. All BOP members are passionate photographers who aim at achieving high standards for each picture together with artistic coherency in their exhibitions.

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