Music is good for your health!!


I listen to an awful lot of music, and many people might argue to a lot of noise as well. They overlap anyway…
I love to go to show and of course shoot a few pictures… Then the more I do it the more I like small venues, obscure smoky clubs. More than big halls or stadiums, and not only because I cannot get a backstage pass for the Rolling Stones (and the fact that I do not like them as nothing to do with it…). Also because there are less big muscular guys to tell you bad things, and when big muscular guys say it is a not so good idea to use a camera, skinny photographers tend to listen to them. Hey don’t look at me that way!!!
Whatever… The atmosphere is better in small clubs with local bands, that’s it.

Now all my music photography is mostly digital and can be seen on my own website Azimut Brutal here.

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