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i walk … along the roads, through the streets … with every pace i take, more and more become closer ‘IT’s insisting footsteps … i know, no matter where i go, ‘IT’s sticky gloom is following me … chasing me like a perilous shadow, tracking ghostly …

i go… into the night, underneath the darkness … i am like a beetle running away from the light and from that who wants to kill itself … desperately searching for a nook and corner to hide… but ‘IT’s inescapable presence falls on my soul as a murk … there ‘IT’ is: staring at me with ‘IT’s glaring eyes in the midst of the night like an ill-omened owl …

i rush … among the crowds … amidst the chaos… in the middle of the attack of deadpan people silhouettes, they trot around me by knocking against with their blind bodies… everything moves, my head twirls, the world stirs… whilst the only one standing is ‘IT’ … on the windows of the shops, at the corners of the streets, in the reflections of the mirrors… i see ‘IT’ everywhere, everywhere is ‘IT’ …

i run … beneath the buildings … to an unknown destination … the end of the road is a cul de sac where the only exit is seized by ‘IT’ … i feel ‘IT’s breathe on my neck… turning my back with a fear, i see the familiar face … ‘IT’ leeans towards my ear and whispers: “you can’t escape from me … i am your loveless defect; your loneliness … i am you …”

About Bop

BOP name originated in French, it could be translated as: “wave and particle craft”.
BOP is an association whose goal is to promote film photography. It offers each member virtual space for their online portfolio and also aims at organizing collective paper exhibitions and publishing booklets. All BOP members are passionate photographers who aim at achieving high standards for each picture together with artistic coherency in their exhibitions.

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