Sunlanders – book by Sean Lotman

Sean Lotman has published his new book, Sunlanders, which is available for pre-order with free shipping from Bemojake Bookstore. At BOP we love Sean’s work, his photographs will bring you in a distorted reality, with fascinating colors. They are memories from a parallel journey. Each photograph is hand printed in the darkroom and guys at Bemojake have reproduce with dedication the quality of Sean’s work.

New guest exhibition: Benoit Capponi “En ce lieu”

It is our pleasure to present this new guest exhibition by Benoit Capponi. Benoit is working on a long-term project about World War I and the result, a combination of photos from war fields and selected text from “poilus” is quite impressive! Benoit is based in Grenoble, France. (direct link) C’est avec grand plaisir que nous vous proposons cette nouvelle exposition invitée, par Benoit Capponi. Benoit présente un projet de long terme sur la première guerre mondiale et cette exposition, qui est une combinaison de photos de champs de guerre et de textes de “poilus” ne peut laisser indifférent !…

Container Terminal

New guest exhibition: Thomas Lehne’s “Black, No Sugar.”

BOP is very proud to have a new guest exhibition to celebrate the release of our new website. Thomas is a photographer from Hamburg, Germany who is experimenting a lot with alternative ways of developing films, namely with coffee! It is called Cafénol, of all things… Needless to say BOP members are pretty excited about that! His set of pictures shows a personal view of Hamburg via wandering and the description (a bit idiosyncratic but this is certainly something we can related to) muses about photography, collecting things and, well, life in general. Click here to get to the exhibition….