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Patchwork is an American tradition of making blankets or plaids with pieces of cloth recovered from old, worn clothes. It is also the idea of ​​the puzzle that guided the work of formatting this exhibition. My patchwork is a puzzle made of pieces of diverse and disparate realities, unrelated to each other, bits of fabric as bits of stories without coherence, but skilfully arranged they speak in a dialogue that gives meaning to a new work. I understood this journey of 2000 miles across the southern United States as a puzzle made of incoherent and contradictory images a priori.

The beauty of the landscapes and the softness of the climate dispute the uniformity of fast food and supermarkets from walmart to papa jones, Poverty is everywhere, a little hidden but we guess at the turn of a few images … People are very nice, curious and smiling. On the other hand, the racial barrier is always present. Whites are in the streets and living quarters, communities do not mix. We meet and cohabit. We see the large expanses of meadows, the canals in the bayou; here nature is tamed and Mr Monsento reigns as master, but there it remains raw and disturbing. I would like you to be guided by your eyes, let your imagination run free …

A little bit of technique…

On the technical side for the amateurs, I used exclusively Trix 400 ISO film, an old standard of heroic photos reporters, the one of before, where it was necessary to load your camera and where one rarely had a second chance … For development I use a classic Caffenol recipe found on the internet … I discovered this process a few years ago and I became adept because I appreciate its simplicity of use and its ecological character. If you have good eyes you will find that the grain of the photos is attenuated compared to a conventional development, there is less sharpness. This gives a soft aspect to the images, which mitigates the dramatic effect of black and white in my opinion. This cocktail fits me well in what I want to transmit as energy. My only regret is not being able to present you prints on Baryte paper …

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