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aka c.cantoni

International reporter of news stories, Christophe Cantoni started to work for the French printed media in the 90's. As an independent photographer living in Bourgogne, France, he roamed around in search of any scoop! With a radio receiver tuned to police and fire departments' frequencies he would quickly get to road-crashes, crime scenes, building fires, etc., which were happening around him. His goal was to sell his photographs to the local newspaper. Quickly he got noticed and started to work as a paid reporter in the news stories section. During that period of time he also collaborated with other French national printed media as reporter/writer and photojournalist. He moved to Paris in 2000 where he worked as a senior reporter at "Le Nouveau Détective" (a shady magazine specialized in true crime) for 5 years. Night and day, 7 days a week, he would cover and investigate stories as sordid that they can be exciting. For Christophe Cantoni photo-reporter for news stories is more than a job or even a vocation. "It actually truly is a life style." Today, back in the shoes of an independent reporter, Christophe also writes and directs fiction movies for the TV and movie industries.


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Archive : In the heat of the night

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The call usually wakes you up in the middle of profound sleep at night. In the excitement you just jump into yesterday’s clothes, put a fistful of film rolls in your pockets and dash out to the action scene with your camera at the ready. A fire is always very easy to locate: its phantasmagoric gleam guiding you like a lighthouse from kilometres away.

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