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aka jeff

I have definitely a romantic approach of photography. Taking photos is a lonesome activity, but on the other hand this can be a way to meet people. A camera is a transaction artifact that allows a particular relation to the world that surrounds us. Looking at the world through this little window certainly helped the shy teenager I was at that time to overcome his fears. But what I love above all is to experience the intensity of this very particular moment when I press the shutter, like if time was suspended. I love the emotional and poetic force of black and white pictures. I distille quietly and patiently the impressions and fugitive emotions I meet here and there along my way and I try to capture some intense moments for sharing them.





Exhibitions by Jean-François Boujut (5 current & 2 archive)

Archive : Dubrovnik

In: Archives · Land Portraits

A short stay there, the war seems to never have happen… Bodies and minds have not forgotten for sure. Some empty places, closed shutters, where are they ? Court séjour dans une ville que j’ai connue 20 ans plus tot, avant la guerre. C’est comme si rien n’avait changé. Bizarre l’oubli hein ?

Archived exhibition

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BOP name originated in French, it could be translated as: “wave and particle craft”.
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