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Life and faces of the Alaotra lake, Madagascar

Madagascar - AlaReLa project 01

The AlaReLa (Alaotra Resilience Landscape) Madagascar project started in November 2013, with a project life of three years. One of the objectives is to understand the complex human-environmental system of the Alaotra. The project consists of three phases: understanding, exploring, communicating, with the latter ongoing, from inception to end of the project, and beyond. […] In the following we present some of the photography taken during the first session of the photographer in the Alaotra. Lucienne Wilmé provided the caption text from a researcher’s perspective, Patrick Waeber drafted this Introduction and Ihoby Randriamalala translated it into Malagasy.

June 13th, 2015
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Underwater logging in Panama

Underwater logging in Panama

“Underwater logging in Panama” is a work that took Arnaud De Grave almost all 2013 to complete. A first shooting session of about 15 days in March to get the first batch of pictures, then another session in October to set up the resulting exhibition (at the Alliance Française du Panama) and shoot some more pictures. Here is presented this exhibition.

February 17th, 2015
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Bracelets de laine

Bracelets de laine #9

The shaman starts the ceremony by some prayers, these have a soft and mysterious tone. The main room of the house is filled with his deep and low voice for twenty minutes. When silence is back, he unrolls a thin cotton rope and deploy it from his hands to the hands of the soon to be married couple and their two witnesses. Once the five of them are linked, an additional thin rope is installed between the two heads of the couple; the ceremony can begin.

Extreme Planting – Les Hommes qui plantaient des arbres en Colombie-Britannique


This exhibit presents a group of professional tree-planters in coastal BC. These people work in extremely challenging terrain and climate conditions, reforesting after clear-cuts. Beyond economical, political and ecological considerations and, the S word (sustainability, of course), these people perform a very difficult job with a great deal of optimism.

December 29th, 2012
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Landmines Platoon in Cambodia – 2006

In august 2006, we went to Tbeng Meanchey, far north in Cambodia, to take notes about landmines for a future project of movie. Indeed, this country is, with Angola and Afghanistan, one of the most dangerous place for landmines. There, we were alone with the “platoon”, just checking locals doing their dangerous jobs since years. I took pictures, a lot, about this sad but useful work. And I learned that there is only 3000 people, in all the country, doing this. That means, the territory of Cambodia needs more than 20 years, just to be clean again.

April 1st, 2009
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Madagascar – Mananjary’s CockFight – 2009

A brand new expo from Madagascar, East Coast area, in the small-old-town of Mananjary. Like every sunday, you can see some legal cock fightings near the sea… I was very curious about this, and besides not very welcome.

February 5th, 2009
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LabiChampi in Karosta, Latvia

Archived exhibition

Imagine a bunch of artist-architects… Now imagine an old Russian navy base, turned into some sort of ghetto in Latvia… Now continue imagining these people taking care of modifying some destroyed buildings into an art centre… And to top that all, imagine an orthodox cathedral beaming in the evening light. I have to admit I […]

September 25th, 2007
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