French farming


You cannot always go in holidays on the other side of the globe, even if attractive as an idea it is also I believe quite misleading. Indeed, one fail to see the beam in one’s eye but can very well think that it is more beautiful in a country in “-stan”.

The French countryside is very nice, full of farms, fields, animals (and crap of course). I had the possibility to take a couple of shots in a traditional farm, and also to go close to the animals, while experiencing the hospitality of these wonderful warm people. How come they didn’t decided to hang me on the highest branch of the nearest tree because of mine comments is beyond me.
The animals were also quite friendly, in a different way. They are all good models if not a bit unstable.

This exhibition (or rather a different selection of pictures based on that set) was shown in Koenji, a suburb’ of Tokyo (West of Shinjuku) from the 7th to the 14th of January 2008.

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