IJEN – In the clouds of green & yellow

Ijen - In the clouds of green and yellow

Ijen - In the clouds of green and yellow

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As part of our travelogue series, I release today a new story about my last trip in Java, on the slopes of Ijen volcanoe.

Incipit :
“Rain has just covered the hills with a heavy cold steam fog, almost solid. Villages around are still asleep, smashed by the pressure of the day’s last storms. The pick-up shakes while climbing the final kilometres of the muddy, bumpy track. Grasping the handle above the window, shaking because of the rocks making the so-called road, I still have in mind the slow motion ferry crossing the stretch of sea from Gilimanuk, entering Java from the east. Sweet Indonesian love songs melting like rose candies, families drinking soda, an eye grasping the last lights of west Bali. How many people in Indonesia are also crossing one of these internal boarders? This country is like a huge dashed winding line made of sea channels and pieces of black sand, lush forests and volcanoes.”

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