New guest exhibition: “In the heat of the night” by Christophe Cantoni

Today, BOP is proud to welcome Christophe’s guest exhibition: “In the heat of the night.” In his series you’ll feel the rush of the photo-reporter, his short breaths and his admiration for fire-fighters. While many of us would have been stuck with fire aesthetics, Christophe strives to reveal the human dimension of the fight and its after-effects. Hold your breath, feel the heat and enjoy!

In the heat of the night

The call usually wakes you up in the middle of profound sleep at night. In the excitement you just jump into yesterday’s clothes, put a fistful of film rolls in your pockets and dash out to the action scene with your camera at the ready. A fire is always very easy to locate: its phantasmagoric gleam guiding you like a lighthouse from kilometres away.