BOP v3.0 is out!

We are very proud to announce the release of our new website. Yes, this very one you are seeing right now… We believe it is a bit more modern that the previous one and that content is made accessible in a better way. In addition to the exhibitions and travelogues, etc. we now have an e-shop where you can buy our magazine BOP Photo Analogies (issue #1 has been published last year in December), our retrospective book, members’ private publications and other goodies…

To celebrate the new verssion we have a new guest exhibition by Thomas Lehne, an exhibition with a special twist on developing negative. We also have a stack of other guest exhibitions coming steadily… and many things coming from BOP members: stay tuned!

A good way to keep informed about the new things happening around BOP is to sign up for our mailing list (in the contact page), do not fear we will not share your information nor send you many emails. As always we would love to have your feedback so do not hesitate to send us an email (also via the contact page.) There is also the rss feed of the news, for the people who likes this kind of things.

We hope you enjoy browsing through BOP photography!

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