Sunny bicycle

New exhibition by BOP member Th

For me, “”where do we go, what do we see” is an exhibition of a definite traveller. Emptiness is not vacuity. In the very hart of all the images resides a feeling of emptiness as if their was no answer to the question “where de we go ?” and if we were not sur of “what we see”. These pictures suggest that the answer is inside each of us and invite to the reflection. In fact there is no question mark at the end. This is a statement: “I show you where we DO go and what we DO see”….

African portraits

In Benin the Klui-Klui is adeep fried arachide stick. Klui-Klui is made by groups of women that sell them on the market. It is a basic source of revenue for many families. I love the smiles and the simplicity of these faces. Their dignity is very impressive. Men are occupyed by running the machines. But they also mostly build and repair them. Their innovative capacity is impressive!