In an instant

Little self

A great many expectations ; And nine months are not too many to get prepared. Not because of DIY sites’ lack of pedagogy about bedroom wall painting or because you have trouble following the assembly instructions of the IKEA bed… but you’d wish many questions answered, you seek to figure out the whole idea of that behindthebump-alienbaby-happynotatallanxiousparentstobe THING. So the mind wanders whenever it can and wants, no matter what you had decided for it, like between the reading of a front and back covers, in an instant.

The hunt for the dudes and dudettes…

A first of May in Kobenhavn… One camera, one film, one day… many beers and one sausage! The first of May is quite an institution in Copenhagen, this year it was sunny (after a couple of years of rainy firsts of May) and people poured in the streets and slowly (or not) converged toward Faelledparken to participate in whatever activities there were there: beer of course, sausage for sure, some music, lots of political discussions (mixed with lots of beer, I let you imagine…) and stuff. I went hunting for dudes and dudettes…

Tanakha Portraits from Burma – 2008

A bunch of Tanakha-Portraits from my last trip to Asia, during november 2008. The TANAKHA is, at the same time, a cosmetic and a beauty cream for women and children faces. You can find this special custom in BURMA (MYANMAR) making the women more beautiful than anywhere else in this area. I was very happy overthere, because the people like to be pictured. So, it was very easy for me to make some nice shoots. Enjoy !