Timeline, portraits de nos mémoires…

BOP is happy to announce its new collective exhibition, scheduled for september 2012 during the events of “les journées du patrimoine.” The exhibition will be showing from the 7th to the 23rd of September 2012 (saturdays and sundays, 2pm to 6pm) at Fort Barraux (38530 Barraux, France). The opening is on friday the 7th of September at 6pm where some BOP photographers will be present. Please drop by and have a chat!  

Tanakha Portraits from Burma – 2008

A bunch of Tanakha-Portraits from my last trip to Asia, during november 2008. The TANAKHA is, at the same time, a cosmetic and a beauty cream for women and children faces. You can find this special custom in BURMA (MYANMAR) making the women more beautiful than anywhere else in this area. I was very happy overthere, because the people like to be pictured. So, it was very easy for me to make some nice shoots. Enjoy !


I’ve been travelling in China more or less for ten years now and to celebrate this anniversary, nothing could be better than a new BOP exhibition.

My two previous exhibitions in BOP deal with two different topics but they express my feelings as a foreigner in this country.

They reflect my surprises, my view, and my thoughts. To end this first decade of Chinese experience, I wanted to give another insight on this country. Would it be possible to show China as the Chinese actually see their country? As a foreigner, when I take portraits or landscape views, most of the time, the framing, timing, focus, and subject are mine; they are the result of my own agenda.