Some work done by Arnaud Thurel for the “Pince Sans Rire” theater company is available to see online…

Arnaud Thurel was working to help a theatre company with their visuals for their website and press releases… Not only Arnaud’s pictures are very original and (as always) nice but the whole concept is interesting. One should check the group’s website, their name is Pince sans rire (which very badly translate to “dry humour” and lose the pun with biking I am afraid…) and the press release pdf with Arnaud’s pictures all over is here.

Lost place 5.2

Arnaud Thurel interviewed at the occasion of the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (29 April 2013)

Have you already heard about “Lost places”? No? Absolutely impossible! Again and now with long and particularly relevant words and for our great pleasure th (alias Arnaud Thurel) exposes his vision and the profound reasons that led him to accomplish this protographic work on browfields. This interview reveals the deep thoughts behind the project and shed an interesting light on Arnaud’s approach to photography. Well done boy! PS: I love the cap, so French.. Follow the link to read the interview (in French).