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IJEN – In the clouds of green & yellow

Ijen - In the clouds of green and yellow

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December 29th, 2009
in Travelogues

Time and space

Archived exhibition

Grainy Points of View This series shows, with a somehow grainy aesthetic, links between space and time, time and space, the importance of geometry, curves, lines, and the point of view. I played a game with a camera that take half-frame pictures, I shot 2 times to get a full frame picture. The result is […]

December 20th, 2009
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About Bop

BOP name originated in French, it could be translated as: “wave and particle craft”.
BOP is an association whose goal is to promote film photography. It offers each member virtual space for their online portfolio and also aims at organizing collective paper exhibitions and publishing booklets. All BOP members are passionate photographers who aim at achieving high standards for each picture together with artistic coherency in their exhibitions.

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