BOP collective exhibition for the Copenhagen Photo Festival 2011 – “BOP … in search of humanistic photography”

With this exhibition BOP brings a variety of points of view on the world. To do so we present eight coherent sets of black and white pictures with a transversal way of showing the world as we live in or as we live it.

It can be an odyssey in which some BOP member embarks within the place he lives in, as in Barthélémy Longueville’s recollection of a night trip in the streets of old Shanghaï, China, or as in Chris Huby’s hunt for people in front of their environment all over the world, a metaphoric way of picturing solitude. Similarly, Arnaud De Grave has been tracking stories and the humans creating them in the dark streets of the world.

However, it can be a work done not far from the very home of one member, looking at old time traditions, as in Jean-François Boujut’s set about a chestnut oil mill, or as in Arnaud Thurel’s ongoing work about brownfield land and abandoned places, both sets around Grenoble, France.

It can also be a specific view on this little something which touches every human being as in Arnaud Rivière’s set about communication or the lack of it, situated along the Silk Road in China, or as in Sebastien Hentz’s study on exposedness also all over the world.

Finally, a collaborative set of pictures from Arnaud De Grave and Chris Huby shot during a photo-trip in the almost forgotten Eastern areas of India is also presented as diptychs.

Some of these sets are shown somewhere on the website, some are totally new sets …

BOP would like to thank the French Institute of Denmark for its help in the project.

Flickr flyer
BOP on the festival website

Stay tuned for some event in addition to the exhibition …

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