Where do we go, what do we see – 2011

As a young boy, I always wanted to know where the roads around my home were going. What was the best way to go from one point to another? What road was supposed to be closed but you could eventually use it in some specific spots? And so on… Then it made me feel “home” – wherever that was – was the place where you would know where all roads are going, and where they would end… The discovery of these roads was first by foot, then by bicycle. In the end, I finally got to use a car, as everybody else, and also finally ended up having less time to discover the new area I was living in. Eventually, the place I live hardly feels “home” to me. “Where do we go, what do we see.” This exhibition is all about the places you are travelling through and the feelings you can get from a special point of view, on the road. The point of view from someone that does not know where he is and where the road will lead him. It is also a reference to Jack Kerouac’s book “On the road” from which I was able to get the same feeling I felt when I myself was on some roads, someday, in places I did not know at all. Most of the photos presented here show all kinds of travel means: railway, car, plane… They convey my idea of the trip. Melancholia is present of course as each time you want to show ideas about time and space together.